Black + White & Pop of Color

My current obsession: Black & white photography, and the mix of a strong color to bring it to life. You would see a lot of images like this on my dropbox, I love fashion and the combination of graphic elements emerging together. A classic yet avant-garde combination.


Photo Cred: Pinterest

What is your current favorite design or photography trend?


Trust your intuition, it’ll take you where you want to be.

Happy to report I’ve gained tremendous experience using… Funny thing is now I realize I set up my blog in the .com site ha! Today was a cool day at work. A full time job gives you the security of having stable income, but not so much freedom. I never really wanted the 5-9 life, I don’t think that’s the direction I’m going. But I do know that at this very moment I’m at the right place. As mentioned on my previous post, life is about connecting the dots and this is one I’m happy to fulfill. There are a couple ideas running through my mind lately. One of them is starting my own business, but how does one get there? Since graduation I’ve managed to have a successful career and expand my knowledge in Web Design & Web Development, basically creating a second career for myself. There are some things in life you just know. You don’t have to be the best student at class, or get all A’s. When you’re good at something and you do it with passion, everything flows… Money, happiness, fulfillment.

Is the way I feel about starting a business, I know I have the ability and the power within me to make it happen, it’s just a matter of taking the next step. With this blog I want to share part of that process. Tonight out of all nights I strongly felt about writing something about my plans and ambitions. I’d love to create a fun inspiring blog, that serves as motivation to others that are in the same situation; Well let’s not call it situation, is a phase of life, a phase where one gets ready to take that next step. It’s a matter of trusting your intuition and making it happen.

I hope that soon I can share more of this exciting idea that’s been on my mind for the last 8 months. If something has been in your mind for that long you have to do something about it. That’s the universe taking you in the direction where you want to be. 

Thank you for the taking the time to read, and I hope I’ve inspired you with this post in some way. It is only the begining…

Xx, Erika.